Monitor your email campaign’s click rate, unique clicks and contacts who unsubscribe. Follow up on which URL received the highest number of clicks. Compare your email campaigns in order to capitalize on trends and eliminate any aspect of your marketing message, design or any other factor that are negatively impacting your email marketing campaigns.


  • Delivery Rate
  • Open Rate
  • Subscribers Stats
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • GEO Location
  • Link Tracking
  • Heatmap (Click map)
  • Daily Reports
  • Trend Reporting
  • Action Rate over Time
  • Comparative Reports
  • Reply Tracking
  • Bounces (Soft & Hard)
  • Email Client Reports
  • Unsubscribes Rate
  • Complaints/Spam Rate
  • Email Sharing/Forwarding Rate
  • Reporting by device
  • List Growth Rate
  • Conversion Rate

Design professional emails with ease

Choose from various themes and templates to best suit your business’ message. You can add, remove or edit content depending on the message you want to communicate. The drag and drop editor is a dynamic and easy to use feature in which you can customize templates and content – the choices are unlimited.

Add content

Add content

Place content according to where you like it.

Drag & Drop HTML Editor

This easy to use tool allows you to drag in text for a headline or drop in a column and re-arrange content to suit your message.


The theme gallery offers a myriad of design styles for integrated campaigns. Once chose, the theme will carry on throughout all of your campaigns created a unified look.

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