What’s New?

This is your go-to source for any new features we’ve added to help you. Check out our latestonline marketing tools and stay up to date with any upcoming features and services we’ll be adding. Be sure to check this space to stay informed.

  • September, 2015
  • 10/09/2015

    Voice SMS

    You can now send voice messages to your customers. Either upload your audio file or use our text 2 speech option. The text 2 speech feature allows you to translate your message to any language and choose between a male or female voice. .

    Each voice sms credit equals 1 second. This will allow you to purchase the exact amount of credits you need. No need to worry about calculating the cost, we will do that for you in the campaign summary page.

    Enjoy this new tool and its features.

  • September, 2015
  • 08/09/2015


    Omevo is happy to announce that our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tool is now available to all users. This tool includes both SEM and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) elements to help users audit their own website and analyze their competitors’ strategies.

    Functionalities include:

    • SEO & SEM Overview
    • Website Audit
    • Backlink Analysis
    • Keyword Analysis
    • Advertising Analysis
    • Organic Traffic Analysis
    • Web Ranking Tool

    Stay ahead of the competition with ease.

  • August, 2014
  • 25/8/2014

    New Drag & Drop HTML Editor

    We uploaded our new and improved template editor. It offers our users additional features that enable them to completely and easily modify any template. New features include:

    • Responsive designs: Can be viewed on any device and screen size with minimal scrolling and without altering font and image sizes.
    • Resizing images using the mouse
    • Cropping features
    • Enhanced tool bar
    • Background colors
    • Save templates on your desktop
    Our editor now offers a much more user-friendly interface and functionality overall. Stay tuned for more updates regarding our Drag & Drop Editor.

  • 20/8/2014

    New User-Friendly Interface

    We are now pleased to announce Omevo 2.0 has a new and much more convenient and efficient user-interface. We are always counting on your feedback to find new ways to improve user experience.

  • 16/8/2014

    New Payment Gateway

    You can now buy credits with your debit card, credit card, wire transfer and by email.

  • 11/8/2014

    Themes in Responsive Design (PC/Mac Screen & Mobile Screen)

    We’ve added a large variety of pre-designed templates with new themes for email marketing, event invitation and event landing pages. We also converted all our previous templates into responsive design.

  • 4/8/2014

    Buy Images – Over 35 Million Images to choose from!

    You can now directly buy royalty free images from our image library database.

  • July, 2014
  • 28/7/2014

    Unicode SMS Available

    You can now send your sms messages in any language you choose.

  • 21/7/2014

    Voice SMS

    Send your customers voice messages to their mobile/cell phones and land line handsets.

  • 13/7/2014

    Send SMS Invitations for your Event

    You can now send your event invitations via sms and email.

  • 3/7/2014

    Logo Feature

    Upload your logo in My Settings and Omevo will automatically post it in your email marketing templates, event invitation templates and event landing page. We are always trying to find new ways to help you save on time when creating your online marketing campaigns.

  • 26/6/2014

    Social Marketing – New Functionalities & Features

    We’ve completely refurbished our social marketing tool: Now you can manage an unlimited number of social accounts and social pages. You also have access to an RSS feed reader to receive and track RSS feeds.
    We added a new social media feed display: Improved the user-experience aspect of monitoring activity on your social profiles/accounts/pages. You can also enter multiple posts on multiple social accounts/profiles/pages with 1 simple click. We’ve improved the display and tracking features of comments, clicks, shares, likes, unlikes, reach, engagement, tweets and retweets on your social accounts/profiles/pages.

  • 19/6/2014

    New SMS Prices & Routes for India

    We are happy to announce that we have added a new route

  • 13/6/2014

    Social Marketing Upgrade – Video & Photo Sharing

    You can now edit your images and videos in our social marketing module.

  • 8/6/2014

    Email Marketing – New Functionalities & Features

    Omevo’s email marketing tool sends out emails automatically according to the time you’ve scheduled. You can send personalized emails to your contacts, or segment your contacts to send targeted emails. The tool tracks your emails and notifies you once they’ve been delivered and the spam filter protects your business from potential viruses. In-depth analytics equip you with information to spot opportunities and potential growth.

    Automation: Conveniently schedule your emails to be sent out automatically.

    Email delivery: Receive notifications that your emails have been delivered, read and which links were clicked on.

    Personalization: Organize your contact database, check active campagins and personally address your customers.

    Spam filter: We’ll check the contents of your email and give it a score, detecting if the content will be considered spam to your customers. If a spam alert is found, we’ll recommend changes to the content.

    Analytics: Monitor your email campaign’s click rate, unique clicks and contacts who unsubscribed.

    Inbox test: Preview templates on different email service providers.

    Segmentation: Separate your contacts into groups and create labels to easily execute email campaigns.

    Scheduling: Schedule your jobs in advance.

  • 2/6/2014

    Event Marketing – Collecting Payments

    You can now collect payments through Omevo even if you don’t have a Skype merchant account.

  • 25/5/2014

    Tracking & Reporting – Geo Location

    Find out where your customers were located when they received your email, event invitation and sms marketing messages.